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If you're a man between 40 and 65, this website is for you.

My name is Lars Rannes, I am 55 years old and I am in the middle of midlife if that makes any sense. By sharing some of the ups and downs in my life, it's my hope that you can relate and maybe learn from it or at least, be entertained while reading.

Today I am in a very different place physically as well as mentally than I ever would have imagined. My adult life started out following the traditional template based on the three pillars; family, job, and home, but somewhere along the line, parts of it got shifted onto quite different paths due to decisions I made and a few external circumstances out of my control.

The articles on this website will primarily focus on PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH, but also on WORK and how to make a living and loving it at the same time.

On top of that, I will also share some of my favourite GEAR & GADGETS as I like to do thorough research before buying.

But first:


How I ended up in Canada, doing something I wouldn't have dreamt about while sorting out my midlife mayhem.

The other day I once again was asked by one of my customers, "so Lars, how did you end up in Canada?"

I get that question a lot since my accent gives me away, despite being Canadian now. The answer I reply with most often, is; "I came with a woman."

However, there is more to the story than that because throughout life we all make a great number of decisions, big and small, and every single one of them sets a number of events in motion. When I think back to the biggest decisions I made the last 35 years, which eventually landed me in Quebec, Canada, these boil down to a story in four parts.

Interested? Get the details below and I will be happy if you would leave me a comment.

Do you have a similar series of events that you can highlight in the same way? Events that may be led to a completely different career than you had planned or moving to a new country perhaps?

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  1. Jacob Highley says:

    I know many people who can relate to the subject of “Midlife hustle”, it’s that time of life where you don’t feel great, but you have a lot of ambition. I really like the content you’re posting, it is very encouraging and helpful!

    Your backstory is inspiring too! I know making a website takes a lot of work, so I commend you on that!

    thanks for posting this!

  2. Ayodeji says:

    Hi Lars,

    I am ready to pop in and to read a good number of your blogs about your Mid life hustle, get ready for a lot of response from me on your blogs, as long as you are good at describing the stuff your at. 

    Based on what your blog is about, I might find it insightful to read your blogs. Keep up the good work.

  3. Strahinja says:

    Hello Lars. I accidentally bumped into your website and it looks quite good. I love the design and your logo. Never heard about it before but I like what I see to be honest with you. I am big fan of healthy lifestyle including body and mind so I think I can also benefit from your website although I am not in 40s or 50s yet.

    Your story is interesting and I’m going to look at your content further and get to know you.

    Thank you.



    • Lars says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment Strahinja.

      Your input is appreciated. If you just give life a bit of time, you will reach 40 and 50 too 🙂


  4. Kenechi says:

    I am  not up to 40 yet but at my age I have experienced somethings. There was a point in time in my life when it was as if everything is just to difficult to achieve. It was as if the journey is still to far. At a time like this, I encouraged myself so much and telling myself that I owe myself a lot. I saw my self digressing from the original plan or goal for myself but I am happy that today, things are beginning to work out well for me.

    • Lars says:

      Hi Kenechi. Thank you for taking the time to comment. You are on to something, so hold on to the good plans and keep hustling.


  5. BluOke says:

    What an interesting read Lars!  Having only traveled outside the US to Mexico a few times I would love to have traveled as you have done.  It seems like you are definitely not risk adverse…  The older I have gotten over the years the more and more risk adverse I have become – this makes me feel like I have painted myself into a corner in life.

    I’m knocking on the door of the big 50 year mark and am trying to figure out what I want the rest of my life to look like – especially work wise.  Having my own business is definitely a major goal.

    Best of luck to you and I’ll check back on your site and read some more of your content.

    • Lars says:

      Thank you for your comments. I have to agree with Nike when they say “Just Do It” 🙂

      There is a risk to be considered when getting out of bed in the morning so don’t overthink life. And if you do, there’s a risk attached to staying in bed too.

      The most important thing about getting older is to stay young. Eating as your life depends on it, which it actually does, and treat your body as it was a temple, which is actually is, and you have done everything you can to beat the odds of dying too young.

      All the best.


  6. Teri Calhoun says:

    Lars, I enjoyed your about me page, but had some problems with the forms. Not sure why you had two forms, however I am very interested in your story and anything relating to health and fitness. I have the llink now and you have my contact information.  Looking forward to getting that ebook and revisiting your site to get the rest of the story.

    • Lars says:

      Thank you for your comment Teri. I see what you mean with the forms. The first one is actually a “contact me” form but you are right, it is confusing. I will take it away right away. If you signed up for the ebook, you should hopefully have been directed to a download page.

  7. charles39 says:

    I am in that category of 40 to 65 I will say live has it’s own share of turns and twist  before we me and women put our own into same turns .I have since the evolution of computer I started yearning of way that I can make money on line on doing so I lost alot thousands of dollars in that process of looking for ways to make money.upto apoint I will Never any one what my plans are for they always see it away of wasting money to the point we’re on Waring path with wife in a nutshell my midlife Hussle has not been good not forgetting that family is young so the greater the need of money . Did I tell their was time I was rocked up for almost a week in a police cell just because of woman yeah and it’s not so long ago either another of my midlife Hussle idont want to remember.But the good thing is that we are still alive  .

    • Lars says:

      Thank you for your comment, Charles. I am happy to learn that you are managing to navigate through your own midlife struggles.

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