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  1. Seyi says:

    Wow, this article just blew my mind as it showed me great and numerous ways how I can make use of my dumbbells. Personally I have never thought my dumbbells could do more than build some arm muscles not until I came across this article. This article has sure opened my eyes to great ways of using the dumbbells. Thanks

  2. Etah says:

    I always struggle with staying consistent with exercising.

    But I have noticed variety keeps me motivated, so thanks for the targetted variety.

    The workouts also look very simple and the written apart gives more accurate information, which sometimes I find challenging when using workout video guides.

    I always worry I might not be doing it right.

    Beginner friendly too, so perfect for me.

  3. Mikay2019 says:

    Your post is directly referring to me because I know I should get a dumbbell as soon as possible. I am quite skinny with very small biceps and so I have been advised to get a dumbbell as a beginner. Which dumbbell should I get to make my biceps bigger and chest broader because I am tired of looking skinny?

  4. Sara says:

    I felt like I was having a workout just watching those videos. You were right, the videos were just fine as you did them. You showed me there’s way much more than I knew about dumbbells and I always did it wrong in the past. Maybe after I get my yoga routine downpat, I’ll give this is a shot. Thanks for all the information, it was very easy for me to follow. 

    • Lars says:

      Thank you for your comment, Sara. It’s good to learn that you liked my video despite the homegrown look 🙂

      All the best with yoga and weightlifting.


  5. Robert Trevor says:

    I have a home gym but I must say, that the dumbell exercises, are the more attractive regimes.

    We often lose track, of how many reps we have done,working them out and writing them down, is an excellent idea.

    Starting with a smaller amount of reps, is good advice, as I was first put off gym work, by trying to keep up, with a trained group, and exhausted myself on the first session.

    I wonder which is the better option, to work alone, or to workout in a group?

    It is great to know that working out, not only keeps us fit, but also is good, for our coronary health.

    • Lars says:

      Thank you for your comment, Robert. 

      Whether working out alone or with others is best for you is a personal choice. I have no problem staying committed on my own and working out at home means I can fit it in whenever convenient.

      I use an online streaming service for my workouts so I don’t have to build programs myself.

      You’re welcome to send me an email if you wan’t to know which service that is.

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