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  1. Clement says:

    Yeah. I find this post very interesting, inspiring and motivational. I am sorry about the divorce and everything you first pass through. Glad that you are living a better life now. I think Switzerland really help you in getting things right and you made a good thing out of the opportunity. Am grateful you never relented in working your way back on your feet. 

  2. Md moinul Islam says:

    Hi Lara.

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a great information about you.Thank you for sharing some of your life with us. I am really inspired by reading your article.I likes this article very much.I will share this article with my friends.I believed they will also like this article.Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  3. Shui Hyen says:

    Hey Lars,

    What an amazing story of yours! Life is full of up and down but the bottom line is never lost hopes. Live the life with your passion and  I am glad that you have found your own destiny. 

    I am so eager to read part 4 of your story after this.


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