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  1. Gomer says:

    Good tips you gave here, and thanks for them. 

    I was looking for a site that give tips on how to console myself in moving from my parents’ house to my newly bought house and I stumbled upon your site, your article gave me hints what to do except for the issue that it is really hard coping up with loneliness. I am too attached emotionally to my parents and I can’t live without them in my life especially my mother. I know I have no other choice but to do this as I am now a grown-up adult, but that feeling of moving away from my mother breaks me a lot. 

    What do you advice? In the list that you gave here, it seems the issue isn’t tackled directly. Can you advice of activities or moves I can do so I can let go of my attachment to my mother?

    • Lars says:

      Hi Gomer, thank you for your comment.

      You’re right, my article primarily deals with the emotional and physical stress one experience from moving from one house to another.

      I am not sure what to advice you in regards to your mother, but how about finding a place really close by so you can visit very often?

  2. Sherry says:

    At first I thought your article had to do with having less stress BY moving! Like…physical movement lol. Which is true! But after I read further, I realized this was about reducing stress due to a location move. While I have not technically had the pleasure of a complete move – I plan on this being in my near future. This article proved helpful – both reminding me of things I was already aware of when it comes to reducing stress and time management – plus a few tips I hadn’t thought of. I will surely re-visit this post when the time to move comes! 

    If you don’t mind me asking – why have you moved so much? 

    I personally aspire to travel but I don’t think that’s quite the same “move” you are referencing in this article. Typically, travel doesn’t require as much preparation and personal possession relocation. So, hopefully travelling won’t have the same health related statistics lol. 

    • Lars says:

      Hi Sherry, thank you for your comment.

      I don’t mind at all that you ask about all my moves. It started in 2008 with a divorce which brought me to Switzerland the following year. In Switzerland, I lived two different places before I moved on to Canada, where another breakup forced another move on me. That led to three short-term leases before I moved in with my girlfriend last year. However, we just decided to buy a house so another move was required. Let’s hope that will be the last for a long time 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    The catch 22 to this I think is that some people stress about moving so much that they wait until the last minute to do things which causes even more stress. The part about eating right the day before and day of I think is great advice. You will need so much more energy and be able to handle the moving day when your body is energized with nutritious food. Im moving two classrooms next year (not a house, but still a pain) and this motivated me to start now instead of later. Thanks!

    • Lars says:

      Hi Lindsey. Yes, you are right. The sooner you get started the better. I really don’t like when people ask me to help them move and because they didn’t prepare well, you end up move a lot of stuff that isn’t packed at all. 

  4. ebufi says:

    Your article is very helpful not only if we are going to move but if we want to keep our house in order, and if we are going to move in the future. I know it can be very stressful and we have to take care of ourselves, thank you for reminding us to not succumb to eating crap and sleep well. To change the address with the post office is very important, we do not want to lose our future mail. Thank you again for the information in your article, it is appreciated

  5. JJ says:

    Yes Lars, moving can be so very stressful. Thanks for highlighting, honestly , how we all feel about moving. I agree with all of it. One thing I like about moving is that all the clutter that you allow to stay in your space for years finally gets analyzed and dealt with. You actually get the nerve to throw out those things that need to go. I think the summary of all that you said can be summarized in ‘get organized’. It can cut down a lot of the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed in the process. Thanks for this advice.

    • Lars says:

      Hi JJ. Yeah, being organized is the most important thing one should do when moving. I actually think I was as organized as ever before but since I have moved so much lately, I was just really tired from it all.

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