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  1. Murasa says:

    SMART is actually a really good thinking process. I remember seeing this in military training. I really like how you break down getting into a marathon.

    This is quite inspiring, I might actually follow through with competing in powerlifting this year if I find out there’s a meet in my area.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi. It is a good strategy to set your fitness plan up like a business plan because many of the people that need to implement a fitness plan are business people. I bet they can relate to it and are more likely to remain focused because of this simple idea.
    Using the SMART system to set goals will help ensure that they are obtainable as you say. Great idea. Now I just need to get away from my computer to go and make a plan for myself based on what you have suggested.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Lars says:

      Thanks, Andrew.
      It is indeed my hope that people like myself, ie small business owners, can see the benefits from planning ahead when it comes to their health too.
      All the best.

  3. Anil says:

    Nice work on this post about fitness. One thing I find about fitness is getting motivated which is very crucial. You have done this via this post.

    Keep up tbe good work.

  4. Beth says:

    Okay, you’ve motivated me, Lars. I’m going to begin creating a fitness plan for myself! Thanks.

  5. kenneth says:

    wow, I have been well motivated but I take discipline to achieve all that, I hope I will keep to it. thanks

    • Lars says:

      Thank you for your comment Kenneth.

      Yes, it takes discipline alright but having a plan makes you commit and if you take one day at a time, it’s doable.

  6. Ciara says:

    Woohoo– go you! This was fun to read and it re-lit the fire for me. I have been training for my first Ultra marathon (I am skipping right over the marathon…for now), and it is going great! I think having the race date being only 2 months away, makes it real and makes it real hard to skip a workout.

    I believe running is one of the best ways to move your body. I love the way I feel, especially when I feel the progression and see my pace improving. I do have two dogs attached to me to cheer me on when I get tired, so that is nice!

    Rest is so important and we truly do need it. Nutrition has always been my weak point. I eat a very healthy diet, but I still ten to consume too much, so that is what I am working on now!

    Thanks for sharing and so much luck to you on race days!


    • Lars says:

      Hi Ciara.
      Thank you for your comment. Going straight for ultra huh? Tough girl 🙂
      I can highly recommend checking out Rich Roll and his latest book “Finding Ultra”.
      All the best.

  7. Luke says:

    Hi Lars, very good and informative article about your healthy fitness plan. Making a long-term fitness plan is actually very good idea. I agree with you that such things should be done in long term period to see some real effects. I think that your plan of running is also very good, I should do something about that too, it`s been a long time since I was running. Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work!

  8. Shellykh says:

    Thank you for posting this informative article. I’d always TRY to plan to lose weight but always failed. I have succeeded before (lost 30 lb and stayed 130lb) for awhile until I popped both knees at the same time, which ended my running regime. I’ve never thought about a “fitness goal”, as I’ve only thought of “weightloss goal”. I think for a start, I’ll say I need to walk at least 30 minutes a day or 3 hours by the end of the week for a start.

  9. Nuttanee says:

    I am more familiar with a diet plan but not a fitness plan. The quote from Benjamin Franklin is so true, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I signed of for a 5k race this May and I haven’t started training yet. It will be in Bear mountain, NY. After reading your post I am going to come up with some training routine that will fir into my lifestyle. 

    I am planning on running every morning for an hour first (I rather eat that wrong in the morning and get it over with). 3-4 times a week I will focus on weight training to increase my muscle mass. Hopefully by April I will be fit and ready to go for the race in May.

    Good Luck to you!

    • Lars says:

      I have found some useful running programs from Nike and they provide a lot of variety so I can recommend you to look for something similar. Good luck with your 5K run.

  10. Ayodeji says:

    This is a great article in planning ones fitness, I usually download apps for my routinely exercise but none was able to calculate my muscle mass and the amount of fat I needed to loose at a particular point in time. I think I’m gonna keep a tab on your website as I find it insightful and educative. This is really helpful, keep up the good work. 

  11. bajram says:

    thank you for sharingand I have been exercising a while in gymnastics and I have felt myself better now that I have stopped exercises only work with seeming very tired but now that I read this post with motivation even more so that I once again start exercising from the beginning but how much this smart program before I did not hear but i learned today from you and your blog

  12. Vapz says:

    My friend’s and I have a group where we log our daily exercise routine and food consumption but we never really set a Health Fitness Plan and reading your post has made me realize how necessary it is for us to do so. And it would really help with having a target and taking necessary steps to achieve them and not just exercising for exercising sake. I have sent a link to the group and we would be discussing how to set up our plan and what our targets would be. Thanks so much for this insight. 

  13. ajibola40 says:

    What an informative and educative article you post there on healthy fitness plan

    It is one thing to plan and is other things to follow the plan up. Having a health fitness plan in place and also following it up goes a long way to increase physical fitness. 

    i like the way you explain every part in details is really amazing on how to make a plan. I will like to have a similar goal concerning physical fitness 

  14. Kandi says:

    Great article!  I will admit I am guilty of not really paying much attention to my overall health as far as diet and fitness go.  I had three kids and still, I didn’t feel the need to exercise or eat healthy.  Now, I am really feeling the consequences and want to make a plan going forward to improve my overall quality of life.  Staying active has many benefits not just for us that want to lose a few pounds but health wise it’s great, and thank you for sharing some motivation and a plan I can use to apply to my fitness goals going forward.  Much appreciated and good luck to you!

  15. akshaysaxena says:

    Hey Lars, your post is a real eye-opener to me. When it comes to health and fitness I always take it for granted. I know I must follow my fitness plan dedicatedly, but still, I succeed in procrastinating it 🙂

    Your article has a wonderful action plan and motivational quotes, sufficient to pump me with the desire to pursue my health goals dedicatedly.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful piece of information along with your own experience. It is valuable indeed.

  16. Les says:

    I was impressed to see you’re still on target with your healthy fitness plan as so many of us make New Year resolutions that never seem to last longer than a few days or a week at two at most…

    Good luck with your planned 10k run, that will take quite a bit of willpower in the current conditions, but you’ve already proved you’re up for it!

    I was also impressed to see that you’re not just concentrating purely on physical fitness, but also a healthy diet and mental fitness as well – keep up the good work and keep us updated with progress.

  17. Louis says:

    Just like every sphere in life, it’s a necessity to set goals and set reachable goals. I also set my goals for my fitness plan but I keep it short term because I’m not someone who goes through with long term commitments. So far, I’m seeing results and I like working by a plan. 

    Thanks for this insightful article. Really awesome!

  18. Deraj says:

    Wow, I will also now make a schedule for my fitness plan. It will really help us to motivate to do the exercises. Most of the time I always get lazy to do exercise and sometimes even I skip doing exercises. I think I should make my fitness plan in a similar way as you did, then only I think I can regularly do exercises.

  19. Daniel says:

    I really think that this article is very helpful and informative. It is not easy to be fit today and one should make not so small decisions if he wants to be healthy and have a great body. Your fitness plan is great and just like you said, it requires dedication and time but results are priceless. Luckily I don’t need to lose pounds but I would like to use this program primarily for health.

  20. Festus says:

    Wow, i like your sense of focus, dedication and discipline; probably because i write about visionary living.

    I quite agree, setting goals and planning ahead are unavoidable necessities for a life of health, well being and profound significance.

    I’m encouraged by your progress, hope to come around some other time to view your progress report! (Smiles)

  21. Henry says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your plans for this 2019 and how you have been progressing. It’s a huge encouragement to read your post.

    I really like the mention you have made of not only focusing on the phisical aspects but also on a dieting program. We usually focus on training, but neglect to pay close attention to what we eat (and that’s equally important). I’ll try My Fitness Pal. Thanks for mentioning it.

  22. Paschal says:

    Writing your goal in any thing is the very first step to success. It makes you keep before your eyes your target all the time I congratulate you on your target. As a suggestion I think there are some app on play store that helps on work towards your set goal.  They can be very helpful and handy 

  23. Leo says:

    Since I’ve been training tennis for over 15 years, then I know very well what it means to be physically ready.

    I like your ideas and I will definitely apply the SMART method for my physical preparation.I think physical education in a group of sports is quite similar.

    I know very well my body, so I can reliably say that diet is one of the key factors for a good form and achievement of sports goals.

    As a good example, I would mention Novak Djokovic and his quick return to the top of the tennis.

    He put raw vegan food into his diet.

    Have a nice day,


    • Lars says:

      Hi Leo,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I knew that Djokovic is plant-based too and I for one is not surprised that he managed a come-back to the top of tennis. 

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